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I was born in the late 60s in Suffolk England, right about where John Constable painted that picture of a cart in the middle of a river. I'm not sure how that affected me, as art seemed a very distant thing for me for a long time (still does sometimes). In my late twenties I ended up at Middlesex Art School and loved every minute of it.

I think that at the core of my work is a sense of conversation and collaboration, which has been pursued in many different ways. I have worked with painting, with installation, with dance and music and with text. I often work with others, or create situations where multiple things occur in constellation..

Since 2012 I have taught at UWE on the Fine Art Course. Previous to that I worked as an Lecturer, a painting technician, a set builder,  an illustration agent, a stage manager and for a short while as a (not very good) temp in a bank.

I am an active member of the WITTA project at UWE which explores words and writing in art in the broadest sense through setting up conversations and events with a range of practitioners. 

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