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MUTTER  2018  

There is a camera in the corner of the archive.


What does it see?

Things keep falling over. Books flutter.

Objects lurk in buff boxes.


Two drunken soldiers wait outside a closed gate. A singer willingly throws herself into the ridiculous. A great poet is disappointed with the way his eggs are cooked.


The dreamy archive watches a man. ‘One way in and one way out’ He says, but maybe the archive knows better?


Watch out for the wiring on the kettle though, that’s a potential life changer.



Mutter emerged from Poulson’s reflections on his residency at Chelsea School of Arts Library Special Collection. He was interested to explore intuitive and improvisational ways of approaching the curated ‘knowledge’ held there.



Mutter was the first of Book Works’ Library Residencies Programme, which presents a series of residencies and commissions under the title You Must Locate a Fantasy for artists to work with libraries, special collections and archives located across the UK, including London, Hull and Glasgow in 2016–2019. Organised in response to a moment where libraries face uncertain futures yet hold the archives for potential futures, this new project includes an exhibition at CHELSEA space this publication is supported by the Henry Moore Foundation.


Published in an edition of 1,000 copies, designed by Erik Hartin and Moa Parup. ISBN 978 1 906012 87 8

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